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Entry #1

Short Animatic

2016-11-03 13:43:58 by ZVCH

Hey guys, I'm active under this account again with a slight name change! From ZachMM to ZVCH.

I've been working on different ideas and projects. Some will make the cut and others won't! Here is a short animatic that unfortunately won't be coming to life

Hope you like it!

-P.S. Stay tuned for animations posted from my other accounts here in a blog format so I don't flood NG with re-uploads!




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2016-11-03 14:29:43

I Would say that its "Legit" good, But there are some "Cons".
The animation should "Have" More keyframes Aka, the "animation" should be more smoother.
And if no one sayd this i would be a Multi-Millionaire by now xd.

ZVCH responds:

Glad you liked it!


2016-11-07 10:16:16

Welcome back to the living again! :) Sketch looks promising!

Btw, @ICreeper - Animatic basically means a storyboard. By definition: a preliminary version of a film, produced by shooting successive sections of a storyboard and adding a soundtrack. Do hope for drastic keyframe increase in the real thing. :P